Női FEKETE nadrág teljes párnázattal 800N

As low as 58 900,00 Ft
Csak %1 maradt


New 800 N resistant full protective all in one pants.

Tested and developed with the help of experienced HEMA fencers.
Material resistance tested by laboratory.

All protectors are built in. Highest protection allowing free movement at the same time.

Integrated viscoelastic knee protector on front, plastic discs on both sides.
Flexible protective sheets covering the thighs.
Removable hippads on the sides.

All protectors are positioned inside to avoid the blade to get stucked.

Adjustable elastic strap for closure with snap buttons allowing two positions.

1-2 hét

HEMA női ruházat méret

Testmagasság cmI158-164158-164158-164164-170164-170170-176176-182
Mellkas cmB82-8586-8990-9394-9798-101102-106107-112
Derék cmC60-6465-6869-7374-7879-8283-8788-93
Csípő cmD88-9192-9596-99100-103104-107108-111112-116
Plasztron hosszaE46474849515254
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