Női HEMA 800N Evolution LIGHT kabát FEHÉR

As low as 75 000,00 Ft
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NEW 800 N resistant  jacket.
 Made upon order request
Tested and developed with the help of experienced HEMA fencers.
Material resistance tested by laboratory.

Tests proved resistance above 1000 N.
Great protection from broken blades.
Detailed construction.

Front zip design.

Highest protection allowing great mobility at the same time.

Similar to our full protective jacket but only removable viscoelastic shoulder pads included for the arm protection,NO upper arm,elbow and forearm protection, for those who prefer to use seperate,detachable protection.

Double protection on the front torso part. 10 cm cut on the side for heat reduction.
Torso lengthened by 10 cm to protect hips and abdomen.
Sleeves sewn horizontally and extra material sewn on the armpits to reduce the rising of the jacket when arms are held above the head.

Double-material "pocketed" blade-catching collar.
Double padded upper arms.
Single padded forearms.
Designed to optionally wear with throat guard,elasticated back of the neck.
Made in Hungary by our experienced tailors.

Available in many sizes ,comes with frontzip.
Wash in 30 degrees with hand taking out the removable pads.
WARNING: custom made jackets are non-returnable.

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